About Us

Polani`s (Pvt) Ltd established in 1973, it is backed by the experenced management.Polani`s Group aims to bulid a strong and cedible brand identity.

A strong image is one of the most powerful tool that any businesses can posses. Creating a strong brand identity inspires confidence in customers, but building a credible brand identity requires management,time and investment.The company was formed in 1973 as a part of Polani`s (Pvt) Ltd, during this time becoming a leading in the text travel market. Polani`s Group was awared with a licence of Money Changer in 1990`s.Polani`s Group offers a full range of flights, hotels, cars, insurance, money exchange, international services available in the Pakiatan and the world on and off line. We believe that with this service and vision,you will only select Polani`s First.

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Mission Statement

Our business is all enabling our customers to build closer relationship with their clients and to give them the means with which they can maximise the benefit of every idea or initiative effortlessly across their client base. The tools we provide are directly integrated within the Travel industry, Money Changers, Central Reservation Systems, GSA`s i.e. airlines, hotel management, transprotation and money exchange services hence giving them total control and flexibility to organise customers plans according to their schedule. The immediate goal therefore is to come to market with new ideas of trade. These applicantion and tools will meet the fundamental aspects of our determined core requirements and add some "killer" functionality. It will also differentiate itself through a modern and intuitive user interface and an elegant supporting architecture that lends itself to integration. Our future plans are to expand our business and to cater with the unmatched standards of servicesand professionalism.

What Makes Polani`s Group Unique?

  • Polani`s has a network of 24 sales outlets, inculding 2 subsidiaries at prime street level locationswith the extensive window display space, spanning the Pakistan.

  • Polani Travels is the inbound and out bound Travel and Tours Division of Polani`s and has offices in Lahore, Islamabad, London and Dhaka. Polani`s has representation in USA, South Africa,Far-East, Middle East and in European Countries.

  • Polani`s Group is fully computerized in all aspects of services.

  • Polani`s Group has a strong team of more than 135 quailfied staff.

  • Polani`s has:
    • Experience, qualified and dedicated professionals.

    • State-of-the-art equipment and electronic mail system.

    • Total computer Reservation services.

  • Polani`s is an award winning company.Our tracksrecord and numerous awards speaks volumes about our services dedication and achievements.

  • Polani`s holds the infra structure to ensureproper representation marketing and continualgrowth of sale revenue for our GSA carriersand other associates.

  • Polani`s has highly sophisticated inbound tourism and money exchange computer software. Thispermits us to effectively process your requirement.

  • Polani`s holds a prestigious place in the industry and maintains good relation with various goverment departments, airlines, other travelagents and money changers in the area.