Polani`s Travel London is a travel distributor, established since 1975. Firmly established within the travel industry Polani's Travel have over 25 years experience and expertise. The company monopolizes travel distribution within the Asian continent and is a recognized travel distributor for the rest of the world. It boasts highly experienced and qualified travel consultants that have been in the travel ind- ustry for a number of years. With e-commerce mak- ing dramatic changes to the travel industry. Polani's Travel is introducing a new and unique product for a wide range of users. Polani's Travel is IATA affiliated and ATOL protected agency. Polani's Travel is a private company formed in 1975 in UK. The company has grown from its reputation and results. Now standing a tall 25th year, with specialists based in all over Europe are accommoda- ting various aspects of the IT business and a history of successful projects. Based in London-UK, the company has had extensive experience in various countries of Europe, US and Asia. For more details please go to our London Site:


The Travel Industry is experiencing a period of int- ense change. Companies are expected to deal with increasingly challenging customer demands, while loyalty is becoming an endangered commodity. Consolidation, globalisation and product differentia- tion are driving developments in the international business arena. We will capture and command a dominant position in the international travel industry through tireless innovation, the quality of our people and services, our network of affiliates, our innovat- ive approach and our partner relationships.


Our business is all about enabling our customers to build closer relationships with their clients and to give them the means with which they can maximise the benefit of every idea or initiative effortlessly across their client base. The tools we provide are directly integrated within the Travel industry i.e. airlines, hotel management etc, hence giving them total control and flexibility to organise their travel plans according to their schedule. The immediate goal therefore, is to come to market with a tightly focused set of travel applications and tools. These applications and tools will meet the fundamental aspects of our determined core requirements and add some "killer" functionality. It will also differenti- ate itself through a modern and intuitive user inter- face and an elegant supporting architecture that lends itself to integration.

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